Carti Mais-min

Carti Mais – The ideal supplement for your joints, bones and muscles.

Exclusive formula in Brazil which combines Collagen type 2, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin C and calcium from seaweed. Only one pill a day to protect your joints, bones and muscles. The complete prevention in a single product. Economy, ease and efficiency for your daily routine.

Indication: only 1 tablet a day

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Powerful action


collagen type 2 acts to reduce the effects of joint degradation. reduces pain and improves movements. it is a natural anti-inflammatory, widely used to prevent and treat diseases such as osteoarthritis. when combined with the intake of vitamin D3, K2, C and calcium, its action is maximized.


What is Collagen type 2?

Collagen type 2 is a protein responsible for the structure of the organism, it is a component in all structures of the body, from skin, blood, bones, muscles, cartilage and ligaments. It acts on joint elasticity and stiffness.

Why do we need to supplement collagen type 2?

With aging there is a natural wear of the joints and loss of muscle mass. Our body also faces some difficulties absorbing nutrients. Therefore, even with a balanced diet, it is necessary to supplement collagen type 2, using the nutrient as an ally in strengthening joints and muscles.

Benefits of supplementing with collagen type 2:

Improvement in joint pain:
Collagen helps to maintain cartilage integrity, resulting in better protection for the joints.

Helps in inflammatory processes:
It works as an anti-inflammatory, improving cell permeability.

Helps in cartilage elasticity:
It increases the flexibility of the cartilages in the joints, which implies an improvement in movements, especially when playing sports.

The mix of vitamins and minerals makes the product even more exclusive in the market, as it aims to improve the synthesis and absorption of collagen, in addition to several other benefits.

Better absorption and natural collagen synthesis:
The mix of vitamins and minerals makes the product even more exclusive in the market, as it aims to improve collagen synthesis and absorption, in addition to several other benefits.


Benefits of Vitamin D3 Supplementation?

  • Bone development and maintenance
  • it stimulates bone density
  • it is responsible for bringing calcium to the bones
  • it stimulates the immune system
  • it reduces the risk of developing diabetes
  • it helps to improve cardiovascular health
  • Hormonal health: it stimulates adequate production of estrogen and testosterone in men
  • Vitamin D influences mood
  • it stimulates fat burning more intensively


Benefits of Vitamin K2 Supplementation?

  • It helps in blood clotting.
  • It helps in the maintenance of bones.
  • Vitamin K2 helps to fix calcium

Benefits of vitamin C?

  • it is responsible for the natural formation of collagen by the body
  • Strengthening immunity
  • it helps in iron absorption and maintenance

Benefits of Lithothamnio – calcium from seaweed?

  • It helps in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth.
  • it helps in blood clotting
  • it helps in muscle and neuromuscular functioning
  • it helps in the cell division process
  • it helps in energy metabolism


Lithothamnio are calcareous marine algae that belong to the group of red algae. They are mainly composed of calcium and magnesium. Calcareous algae have 76 distinct elements and proportions that are totally bioavailable because it is a plant organism. The presence of minerals such as manganese, zinc, iron, silicon, iodine, potassium and traces of phosphorus stands out in the algae of Lithothamnium sp. Lithothamnium algae are 100% natural, there are no side effects such as constipation, nausea, bloating and abdominal discomfort. Another differential in relation to other sources of calcium is that due to its high absorption by the body, it does not produce residues or deposits in the arteries, which reduces the risks of developing heart problems.

Calcium is the mineral with the highest amount and one of the main minerals in the body. 99% of the calcium present in the body is in the skeleton, the rest is found in the blood, extracellular fluids, soft tissues and muscles. In addition to its role in bone structure and support, calcium also performs several functions such as: muscle contraction, mitosis, blood clotting and transmission of nervous or synaptic impulse.

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